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We have won our high position in modular construction only because we offer our customers only the best and most advanced solutions. Without compromise in quality and safety.

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More space!
More space!

If you purchased an Elmaco house with a basic (minimal) layout, you always have the opportunity to supplement it with new modules that are provided for a series of your home. Usually these are modules with additional bedrooms, saunas or terraces. We are always ready to advise you on this issue and prepare a proposal to increase the modular house of Elmaco. Your home grows with you!

Additional extensions
Additional extensions

Elmaco architects can design household and guest buildings for you in the style of your home:

  • garage

  • economic block

  • sauna

  • security post

  • summer cuisine

  • guest house

Around the home
Around the home

If you have recently purchased a plot for a country house, our specialists are ready to offer you its complex arrangement, which may include:

  • local sewage and water supply system

  • installation fence and entrance gate

  • reclamation works

  • landscape design development

  • children's playground equipment


Every Elmaco home buyer can count on an individual approach not only during the design and construction of the cottage. Elmaco customer service will take care of the quality service of your home, not only during the period of free warranty service, but also after it.

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The period of free warranty maintenance of structural elements of the house Elmaco is 2 years. During this time, any installation defects will be repaired by Elmaco service.

The warranty period for engineering systems, electrical installation products, plumbing, air conditioning, autonomous sewer and other complex technical products is set in accordance with the warranty period of their supplier or manufacturer. These terms can be found in the warranty cards and product passports, which are included in the package of the Elmaco House Passport.