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Temporary sales office for the project «LEGENDA in the Dalnevostochniy, 12"

During realisation of project of construction of modular sales office for the company LEGENDA Intelligent Development Company ELMACO used a major advantage in the field of modular construction - namely, the possibility of disassembling of the existing prefabricated building with its further transfer to a new object.

Modular sales office for the project «LEGENDA in Dalnevostochniy, 12" was transferred by Elmaco from the previous object of LEGENDA with the replacement  of a hinged facade elements, which are fully correspond to the general stylistic concept of the new residential complex.

The peculiarity of this modular building Elmaco, performed under the standard Premium class - a large amount of external glazing and unusual corporate design in the exterior of block modules.

The total area of the modular building Elmaco was about 150 m2.

Full term of transfer of modular sales office to a new object was only 45 days.