For accommodation of the sales office of one of a major russian developers in the field of residential and commercial real estate - company Glorax Development, Elmaco erected one-story prefabricated modular building of Premium class. Modular office consists of six block-containers with a total area of 145 m2.

A feature of this modular building Elmaco is unusual corporate design in the exterior and the use of non-standard dimensions of the modules with the maximum possible for the modular construction height. Designed specifically for this project, Elmaco modules in the HighCeiling version made it possible to provide a "pure" height of ceiling 3.2 m. For modular buildings, this is a significant ceiling height, which is due to the peculiarities of automobile transportation of block modules along public roads. The facade of prefabricated building is made of composite hinged panels (alucobond) which impart a holistic view for modular construction.

Modular building Elmaco complies with all regulatory requirements for fire and environmental safety and is equipped with everything necessary for comfortable work of staff and temporary stay of visitors.

Prefabricated building is completely autonomous and equipped with all necessary engineering systems.

All works on production of block modules, their installation on the object, installation of hinged facade as well as internal finishing works were performed by Elmaco and transferred to the customer "turnkey" within 30 calendar days.

The project of sales office can be viewed here.