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Modular sales office for Residential Complex "Polis na Komendantskom" in Kamenka

ECO quarter "Polis na Komendantskom" - a new residential complex in one of the greenest districts of St. Petersburg - Primorsky. It is being built in a quarter bounded by Aviakonstruktorov street and Gluharskaya street, on the border with Yuntolovsky forest park. In the basis of the project concept is "green" style of life far from major highways with the use of ECO technologies in landscaping and construction.

For organizing of the sales office of the new residential complex, Elmaco constructed prefabricated modular one-storey building with panoramic glazing, consisting of two block modules with a total area of 74 m2, which has an independent water supply and sewerage system. For effective sales in the modular office housed a showroom, which is partially represent finishing of apartments, including the bathroom and the living room.

Modular building is completely autonomous and equipped with all necessary engineering systems.

All works on production of block-modules and their installation on the object, as well as finishing works were performed by Elmaco within 50 calendar days.