Two storey modular administrative household complex with area 997,2m2 built on the basis of 24 office modules, each measuring 2.9 * 3.0 * 13.8 m.

Our customer - "Northern Capital Gateway" - which is implementing the project of construction of a new airport terminal in St. Petersburg. It is planned that in the temporary building will house offices and services Ltd. "Northern Capital Gateway" which will directly oversee the construction of a new air terminal.

Elmaco modular building equipped with everything necessary for comfortable and safe operation of office staff: water heating, air conditioning, security and fire alarm systems, access control system to the building on the basis of magnetic cards, metal roller blind on the windows of the first floor.

In modular building houses a toilet and shower rooms, server room, kitchenette and a relaxation room for the staff. For connecting to heat main line administrative household complex is equipped with individual heating unit.

Project term of manufacturing and installation of the modular building was 3 months. Company Elmaco performed well as the preparation of the construction site and the pouring of concrete foundation base.

In addition it was made and delivered to the object the guard post - block containers installed in two floors, with panoramic windows.

Term of manufacturing and installation, including installation of foundations: 90 days.