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Construction of prefabricated modular PPC for data center of company Yandex in Vladimir

In 2015 company Yandex began implementation of project on construction of data center in the village Energetik of Vladimir region.

Continuing realization of large-scale project on construction of a new data center, company Elmaco erected in Vladimir prefabricated modular Guard house (PPC).

Single storey building of PPC for control access mode and video monitoring on the territory of data center consists of 4 modules, dimensions of one module 12,0x3,20x3,50m (LxWxH). Total area of Guard house is about 150 m2.

Prefabricated modular buildings Elmaco is made on standard of Premium class. For its construction were used the most modern and technologically advanced equipment and materials that exist on the market.

Building is fully autonomous and equipped with all necessary engineering systems.

Other modular buildings erected by Elmaco during implementing the project of building the new data center for company Yandex in Vladimir, can be viewed here.