One storey modular administrative and household complex with an area of 648 m2 built on the basis of 18 block modules produced by Elmaco each the size of 2.9 x 12 x 3.0 m (height * width * length) in a special northern format: increased thickness of the insulating material, double glazed windows, additional protection of roof.

Multifunctional complex is designed for living and work of customer's employees involved in preparing a draft of development of the Shtokman gas field. According to the plan of "Gazprom" in Teriberka must reach out gas pipeline from the shelf. The length of the pipeline - 546 kilometers. In one kilometer from the village "Gazprom" proposes to construct transport and technological complex.

By order of our client building was fully equipped with all necessary furniture and bedding for a comfortable living and effective work of the employees participating in a research project in Teriberka. In prefabricated building ELMACO are equipped kitchen, autonomous water treatment plant, installed cameras of external supervision, mounted fire and security alarm systems.

Term of manufacturing and installation: 65 days.